Silver Switch Silver Switch is a graphics and web design company that also offers a wide range of technical solutions to our clients. Building lasting and sustainable relationships is what the team strives for. Whether you need a new website designed, want us to host your current website or you just need your technical worries taken off so you can focus on what you do best, running your business! Help us help you.

Silver Switch understands the effect start-ups have on the economy and more importantly families. They build the economy and generate lasting income for families. The success of such business isn’t necessarily dependent on how brilliant the idea is but how successful you are at selling that idea to others. This is where we come in, your digital & tech partner. We help you find solutions to help you grow on a digital space. While you worry about your product or services we help bring customers to you.


Be a company that promotes teamwork, simplicity & innovation.
Gain global recognition for providing quality services.
Operate on a global scale.


To build successful businesses.
Prioritize client satisfaction.
Create innovative solutions and deliver unique quality services.


Integrity- exhibit honesty and integrity at all times.
Respect- show respect to everyone.
Solidarity- work collaboratively with customers, employees & partners to achieve common goals